Meet the Speaker: Andrea Guglielmino of Nina Hale

By August 8, 2017Interviews

Start soaking up those picture perfect summer days while you still can; fall is coming up fast. Those fresh green leaves that you remember seeing a few months ago are getting older and about to change. It happens every year.

Similarly, tactics and strategies in the areas of bid management and expanded text ads are also constantly changing and something that you must be prepared for handling.

Andrea Guglielmino

Which is exactly why our event this month is focused on helping you learn the latest advanced bid management and text ad strategies. So please join us on Wednesday, August 30th for an evening of learning about how continually evolve and overcome the variety of challenges for PPC pros.

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And prior to the event, we want to help you get to know a little bit about our speaker(s). So keep reading to learn about one of our speakers coming on at the end of the month, Andrea Guglielmino.

Meet Andrea:

1. How did you first hear about MnSearch?

Online. You guys have a pretty good digital footprint! It looks like you know a thing or two about digital marketing ?

In all seriousness, I attended my first MnSearch event while still working and living in NYC. I was visiting my wife’s family here in Minneapolis and decided to check it out. It was “What it Takes to Move the Needle in 2015” presented by Sujan Patel on SEO.

 2. What can attendees expect to take away from your session on August 30th?

Benchmarks to validate their data and actionable recommendations for optimizing the expanded ad format. We will discuss why standards ads are still relevant, best practices during the transition from the old to the new format, some tricks and tips on how to optimize for the expanded ads.

3. What is the biggest mistake that you still see organizations making in paid media management?

Each account is slightly different but usually some of the basic settings and structural flows, for example targeting US & Canada in the same campaign, mixing search and display, broad keywords driving irrelevant queries and, my pet peeve, irrelevant landing pages for the query.

4. What piece of career advice do you wish someone had given you when you started your career?

Be ready to take risks – if you’ve put in the hard work, it will pay off.

5. Besides paid media, what is one topic of discussion that you could talk about for hours on end?

Em, hello?!? I’m Italian. Food & Soccer (Football, played with your feet!) not necessarily in this order. Attend the MnSearch event on August 30th to find out the little-known secret about authentic Italian pasta that grocery stores don’t want you to know (Buzzfeed mode: off)

6. What is the best part about working at Nina Hale?

The best part about Nina Hale has always been my coworkers – smart, curious, driven.  It’s the best recipe for every business.

7. Where is your favorite spot to grab drinks in the Twin Cities?

Red Rabbit, in the North Loop, has some fantastic Italian cocktails. My choice is usually the classic Negroni, but make sure to try their Aperol Spritz on tap before the summer ends – they have a patio!

8. Where can we connect with you online?


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