Join MnSearch as Our Diversity Director

You’re a search marketing or digital marketing nerd in Minnesota who seeks to dedicate your special skills, experience, and enthusiasm to help further the mission and efforts of a leading professional organization.

More specifically, you’re passionate about increasing diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging (DEIB) within the digital marketing industry in our state and beyond. You’re a leader who’s seeking to make a lasting impact on the world. What’s more, you’re not afraid to hold others accountable to ensure that change happens.

Sound like you? Then we hope you’ll consider joining MnSearch as our newest board member!

About MnSearch

Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association (MnSearch) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that aims to raise the standards and awareness of search and digital marketing. Founded by search marketing geeks, MnSearch serves professionals at all levels of the industry.

The MnSearch Mission

  • Seek knowledge. Educate search and digital marketing professionals and businesses about how to plan, execute, and measure effective and diverse online marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Gain insight. Share the latest search and digital marketing trends and insights to help our community stay current in our constantly evolving and innovating industry, as well as elevate diverse voices and viewpoints to increase inclusion and expand equity.
  • Stay connected. Connect with other professionals and businesses in the industry to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, learn about career opportunities and play a part in creating a welcoming community where all belong.

Duties of the Diversity Director

MnSearch’s goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere where all people:

  • Feel comfortable with sharing their opinions and insights,
  • Receive recognition for the value they bring to the table, and
  • Remain open to hearing from and relating to one another.

This culture permeates all levels of our organization, including the board of directors, advisory committee, members, sponsors, speakers, vendors, volunteers, and non-members who attend events, follow social channels and receive emails.

You will be responsible for overseeing the board’s efforts and holding the organization accountable for delivering on this goal.

Additionally, you will:

  • Coordinate the development of DEIB strategies to recruit volunteers and members to diversify our community
  • Collaborate with the Events Director to plan for incorporating diversity and inclusion related to speakers, topics and marketing tactics
  • Develop and execute semiannual training and learning opportunities related to DEIB for the board and our community
  • Review communications, including website, social media and internal documents, to ensure we use non-discriminatory and inclusive language
  • Assist in the recruitment of board members, members, mentors, and students from diverse and under-represented population groups
  • Work to increase the visibility of DEIB standards, resources, and best practices for diversity at all levels of the organization, including diversity in race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, culture, age and abilities

Qualifications for the Diversity Director

MnSearch seeks individuals for its Board of Directors who embody the following attributes:

  • Enthusiastic endorsement of/passion for MnSearch’s purpose and mission
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • written and verbal communication skills, including knowledge of/experience with intercultural communication
  • Willingness to listen actively, learn continuously, think critically, and participate fully in conversations with other board members and our broader community
  • Interest in or experience working in the digital marketing industry
  • Desire to strengthen the digital marketing industry through initiatives that support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Additional preferred qualifications (one or more of the following)

  • Experience serving on a board of directors
  • Experience leading or participating in significant organizational change
  • At least one year’s experience working in search marketing/paid advertising/social media/content marketing/digital marketing

Why You Should Join MnSearch’s Board of Directors

As part of our Board of Directors, you’ll help implement the strategies and tactics we create for our membership and our broader community. And you’ll receive committed support from the MnSearch board and its advisory committee throughout your term. Your role isn’t to do all the work on your own, but to help keep diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at the forefront of all MnSearch efforts.

You’ll also receive as much as you give. For example, as a member of the Board of Directors, you will:

  • Expand your network by building meaningful relationships with board members, advisory committee members, speakers, sponsors, members and others in our community
  • Learn the inner workings of a leading nonprofit organization
  • Access trainings on leadership, diversity and inclusion, event planning and more
  • Further develop your marketing and strategic planning skills
  • Help shape the future of Minnesota’s search and digital marketing landscape to ensure it is one that not only focuses on tactical success but also emphasizes equity and inclusion to give voice, agency, and power to those who have historically been marginalized in our industry and in our society as a whole

General Expectations

  • Fulfill MnSearch’s mission and purpose
  • Follow MnSearch’s bylaws, policies and board resolutions
  • Sign an annual conflict-of-interest disclosure
  • Participate in strategic and organizational planning
  • Be a good fiduciary steward of MnSearch, including approving an annual budget and maintaining the organization’s financial health
  • A commitment to continual growth and self-reflection to expand personal development around an anti-racist mindset and commitment to equity
  • Perform your role’s specific duties to the best of your abilities
  • Assist your fellow board members as needed
  • Serve as an ambassador for MnSearch
  • Abide by the MnSearch Code of Ethics when acting on behalf of MnSearch

Time Commitment

  • Prepare for, attend and actively participate in monthly board meetings (generally held on the second Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm)
  • Promote and attend monthly events, which may include networking hours, educational events and training sessions
  • Be willing to give 10 hours of your time each month, sometimes less or more depending on your role and the time of year (e.g., MnSearch Summit)

Term Limits, Plus Special Benefits

  • You agree to serve a 2-year term, beginning on the date of your first board meeting.
  • You may renew your term for additional 2-year terms, subject to the board’s approval.
  • You pay no membership or event fees for yourself during your time on the board.
  • Upon completion of your initial 2-year term, you receive a lifelong membership with MnSearch.

Ready to Apply?

Great! Applications are currently being accepted until the position is filled. To apply, please fill out the application on our website.

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