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MnSearch helps digital marketing professionals of all skill levels seek knowledge and gain insight. If you’re not sure where to start learning about digital, you came to the right place.

Through a community of people who are passionate about search marketing, we continually educate one another on the ideas, strategies, and tools that produce tweet-worthy results.

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From event recaps to how-to guides and “Meet the Speaker” posts, our blog is a collection of resources to keep you updated with MnSearch and our events.

Guide to Getting Started in Digital & Search Marketing

We know getting started digital marketing, and specifically search marketing, can be overwhelming, so we put together a short guide on what to do, where to look and what you need to know as you consider diving into the digital realm.

Essential Reading in Digital Marketing

The digital industry has an abundance of worthy newsletters, books and blogs, so our Board of Directors collected our favorite resources in this one-page reading list.

A Few Thoughts for Students

Still in school or recently graduated? Now’s the best time to get involved with industry groups! Give your network a boost by discovering MnSearch, learning more about search marketing and joining our community.

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