MnSearch’s Mission, Vision & Values

Our vision is to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive search marketing and digital marketing community where all belong and where all seek excellence and continual growth.

We’re All About Our Community

Whether we’re lining up speakers for our upcoming events or choosing our next director for the board, we’re constantly asking whether and how the choices we make will benefit our community.

Once we get an answer to those questions, we review everything against our mission and values to ensure all is in alignment.

Our Mission

  • Seek knowledge. Educate search and digital marketing professionals and businesses about how to plan, execute, and measure effective and diverse online marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Gain insight. Share the latest search and digital marketing trends and insights to help our community stay current in our constantly evolving and innovating industry, as well as elevate diverse voices and viewpoints to increase inclusion and expand equity.
  • Stay connected. Connect with other professionals and businesses in the industry to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, learn about career opportunities and play a part in creating a welcoming community where all belong.

Our Values

See Our Mission & Values at Work at Our Next Event

Would you like to see our mission and values in action? Then we encourage you to attend our next networking and learning event. Hope to see you there!