MnSearch Board of Directors

“Search marketing is an art and a science. In fact, it’s rocket science; it really is. It’s complicated and changing constantly. As a result, search marketers have special needs, and the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association was formed to address those needs. Learning from our peers is often the best way to improve our skills.”

– Ward Tongen, Founding President

More About:
Search marketing’s influence has grown rapidly in the past decade, playing an ever-more crucial role in the online success of businesses and organizations around the globe. In an industry of constant evolution and innovation, the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association strives to help businesses and individuals keep a pulse on the latest news, trends, tactics and tools. A non-profit organization founded for and by search marketing geeks, MnSearch aims to speak directly to the search marketing professional, and raise the standards and awareness of search in Minnesota.

What makes us different

There are plenty of professional associations out there dedicated to digital marketing—MIMA, SEMPO and MN AMA all come to mind. MnSearch does not aim to duplicate or undermine the efforts put forth by these organizations. Instead, MnSearch was founded to address the specific needs and demands of search marketing in Minnesota—an industry rich with complexities, relentlessly changing and yet full of promise. Whether you’re a committed member-for-life or attend sporadic events, MnSearch can help you:

  • Learn tools and tactics of the search marketing field from experts
  • Get ideas on what and how to test search tactics
  • Network with search marketers and exchange knowledge
  • Get inspired about search marketing and what it can do for you

Board Members

Founding & Advisory Board Members

Former Board Members

  • Paul Kragthorpe
  • Diane Kulseth
  • Manos Kalaitzakis
  • Joe Wilebski
  • Grant Tilus
  • Jeff Snyder
  • Jolina Pettice
  • Scott Dodge
  • Griffin Roer
  • Tim Brown
  • Theresa Kuske
  • Steve Slater
  • Kevin Cotch

Mission Statement

MnSearch serves all levels of search marketing professionals in Minnesota. Our mission:

  • To educate search marketing professionals and businesses about how to plan, execute and measure effective search marketing strategies and tactics.
  • To share the latest search marketing trends and insights to help you stay current in our rapidly changing environment.
  • To connect with other search marketing professionals and businesses in Minnesota to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and learn about career opportunities.

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