Meet MnSearch’s Board of Directors

Of Course, We’d Be Nowhere Without Those Who Came Before Us...

We give many thanks to and much appreciation for our former board members:

Diane Kulseth

Grant Tilus

Griffin Roer

Jeff Snyder

Joe Wilebski

Jolina Pettice

Kevin Cotch

Manos Kalaitzakis

Paul Kragthorpe

Scott Dodge

Steve Slater

Theresa Kuske

Tim Brown

A special thanks go to MnSearch’s Advisory Committee, which is made up of our founding board members and past board members who’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty for our organization:

Aaron Weiche

Clint Danks

Dustin Thompson

James Svoboda

Jeff Sauer

Lela Deslauriers

Susan Staupe

Tony Tellijohn

Ward Tongen

Want to Be Part of This Select Crew?

We don’t blame you! And, wouldn’t you know it, today is your lucky day! Why? Because we’re always accepting applications from folks who’d like to join our Board of Directors. If you’re interested, we welcome you to fill out a Letter of Intent.