The 2015 MnSearch Summit Speaker Interview Series: John Gagnon of Microsoft

john gagnonWe had the opportunity to interview several experts who are speaking at this year’s MnSearch Summit to help you learn more about them prior to the event so that you can get to know these industry leaders as friends. This time it’s John Gagnon from Microsoft working within Bing Ads. Keep reading and don’t miss John’s session on Friday June 26th at the MnSearch Summit!

1.      What are you most excited about for the 2015 MnSearch Summit?

Simple.  The other speakers.  I speak at a lot of conferences, and you have a stacked line up.  And of course meeting the community MN Search has put together.

2.      What can attendees expect to take away from your session?

To think about the search results and data a little differently.  We’ll go through how one company stopped reacting to searches, and start predicting them to compete smarter.  And we’ll talk about how SEO and Paid Search play together for brand terms – get concrete and provide data only a search engine like Bing can.

3.      What one piece of career advice do you wish someone gave you when you started your marketing career?

Learning should be a “contact” sport.  Reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos on a computer screen is only a foundation.  You’ll see tremendous growth and satisfaction when you actually connect and meet people in the real world.  Get out there, meet people and ask questions.  And it always helps if you can tweet or email them ahead of time.  Might be good to start with the MN Search Summit!

4.      What is the best part about working for Bing Ads?

Having impact.  We are growing like crazy, love hard core search marketing and have endless opportunities (aka problems to solve).  And of course, the people.  I love working alongside everyone in the trenches, we have great people.

5.      What is the biggest PPC mistake that you still see organizations making in 2015?

Limiting remarketing to their site only.  Remarketing opens up when you think about how you can use partnerships to gather a more complete picture of what your customers want – and when they want it.

6.      What have you always loved or wondered about the State of Minnesota?

Do you really call the kids game “Duck Duck Goose”, “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck?”


7.      What do you think is the least used, yet an incredibly powerful feature of the Bing Ads platform?

Bing Ads Intelligence.  Honestly, we share almost too much information.  Want to know how many clicks for any position for your top keywords on a smartphone – done.

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