Meet the Speaker: Grant Tilus of the Carlson Hotel Group

By October 17, 2017Interviews

Although specialization areas in digital marketing range from analytics, content, PPC, or SEO and can greatly vary in terms of duties and responsibilities. They all share one common goal, to be highly optimized programs.

To help ensure that happens, our event this month is focused on helping you learn how to gain alignment internally and invest more time on optimization testing in order to drive program and organizational growth.

So please join us on Wednesday, October 25th for an evening of conversion optimization and testing.

Register today!

And prior to the event, we want to help you get to know a little bit about our career experts. So keep reading to learn about one of our speakers coming on at the end of the month, Grant Tilus of the Carlson-Rezidor Hotel Group and MnSearch board of directors.

Grant Tilus - Content Marketing Director

Grant Tilus

Meet Grant:

1. How did you first hear about MnSearch?

I first heard about it through Josh Braaten. He was already a board member and encouraged me to attend events. I quickly become a regular attendee, then volunteer and soon after board member.

2. What can attendees expect to take away from your session at the end of October?

Those in attendance will learn about how to gain support and alignment for running a conversion optimization program at their organization or industry. Many times those across SEO, PPC, analytics and content teams find conversion optimization testing to be at the end of a long list of things to do. I want to help you understand how to go about developing the processes and lines of communication necessary for gaining approval for investing more time into research, testing, and optimizing your digital properties.

3. What is the biggest mistake that you still see individuals making in driving their career growth?

Lack of drive for learning new things. A career is constantly evolving, being curious to keep learning and expanding your skills is key for staying ahead. If you’re not already, it’s important to be spending time thinking about your skills/knowledge gaps and doing everything possible to become a stronger, more well-rounded digital marketer.

4. What one piece of career advice, do you wish someone had given you when you started your career?

Don’t choose salary over fit and opportunity.  After college, I took a job that I knew wasn’t exactly what I wanted but had the allure of a potentially high salary. Needless to say, I hated the job and it took me 18-24 months to find what I really wanted to do; get into digital marketing.

5. Besides career development, what is one topic of discussion that you could talk about for hours on end?

While I’m always open to talking about basketball, poker or staying active outdoors. It’s also nice to talk about things like faith, family, and life.

6. What is the best part about working at Carlson-Rezidor Hotel Group?

Well, working with the Greek god of SEO, Manos is pretty great. Other than that, it’s always nice to be part of an organization that is driven towards creating something best-in-class.

7. Where is your favorite spot to grab drinks in the Twin Cities?

I’ve always enjoyed the Fremont for some beer and amazing chicken wings. Otherwise, any place with a great patio, such as Stella’s, Psycho Suzi’s or Brit’s Pub.

8. Where can we connect with you online?


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