August 2020 Virtual Event Recap

August Event Recap: Adding Quora To Your Marketing Strategy with Joe Martinez

Joe Martinez, Director of Client Strategy at Clix Marketing, gives tactical tips on how to use Quora to get in front of potential customers

Joe Martinez joined MnSearch to highlight an underutilized channel: Quora. The popular Q&A website can help companies get in front of potential customers while they’re in research mode. Joe’s presentation is full of tips to help brands effectively add Quora to their marketing mix.

Key takeaways of Joe’s presentation on Quora included:

  1. Brand presence needs to be on more than just Facebook and Google when using a full-funnel marketing approach.
  2. Quora has more active monthly users than Pinterest at 300 million users per month.
  3. When people are in research mode, the buying intent is stronger. Be there to answer questions, not just to sell.
  4. Make sure answers on Quora lead with value. Quora helps brands get in front of their target audiences in a way that’s not annoying to users.
  5. Quora appeals to every industry and audience. Test it out! Go to Quora and type in something your target audience is looking for.

Watch our webinar on-demand.

Special thanks to our virtual sponsor, Rocket55, for putting together this amazing event recap!

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