Dominant Social Retargeting Strategies: Expertly Curate Owned Audiences to Boost ROI

Manny Rivas, Chief Marketing Officer at Aimclear | @mannyrivas

There is little online we detest more than abusive retargeting. It’s like guzzling ipecac syrup; it will immediately make you toss your cookies. YUCK! Worse yet, obnoxious retargeting can alienate potential customers and devalue brand equity for a company of any size.

In this session, we’ll examine healthy and impactful social retargeting concepts and, transitively, crucial campaign configurations to define when constructing a successful campaign.

Session attendees will walk away with immediately actionable retargeting tactics for deploying both profitable and consumer-centric campaigns. Issues addressed include:

Merging search and social psychographic traffic to a compound list using filtered follow & recapture.

  • List segmentation: finding the intersection of specificity & volume
  • List duration, frequency capping and burn action mojo
  • Sequenced ad messaging for engaged site & social users
  • Advanced cross-channel retargeting against multi-channel funnels
  • Understanding where RLSA fits into the buying cycle
  • How to measure the true value of a list