Susan Wenogard – Meat and Potatoes to Replace Pies In the Sky (Lessons in Facebook Advertising)

About Susan Wenogard

Susan started in digital marketing in 2005 at, learning everything she could about the dot com world in a Fortune 500 environment.

Since then, she has gone on to work in other positions spanning in-house digital marketing management and agency leadership roles for brands both large and small. While primarily focused on paid media, she has also overseen email marketing and social content planning, giving her a unique perspective on marrying them with paid efforts. Clients have included small, local businesses to names like General Motors, totaling tens of millions of dollars in media spend.

She currently acts as a social advertising and paid search consultant. She’s also a regular blogger for industry websites such as and, and speaks internationally at several conferences a year.

In this Session: 

In the fast-paced world of Facebook advertising, cutting edge is king, and the marketplace is rife with people selling silver bullets. Savvy marketers know they can’t lazily rely on a conversion campaign to get it done for them any longer: higher-funnel awareness, ongoing engagement and good ol’ fashioned brand building are key to kicking ass.

But how do you pluck the real gems out of the tornado of information blowing 80mph every single day to get ahead?

Come to this session to discover under-utilized tactics such as:

  • Using the treasure trove of data in Facebook Analytics that you’re doing nothing with
  • Demystifying the Messenger chatbot game to get real strategies for your situation
  • Building campaign chains to drive incremental conversions for less cost
  • Setting up creative tests that make Facebook do the hard stuff