Paul Shapiro – Start Building SEO Efficiencies with Automation

About Paul Shapiro: 

Paul Shapiro is the Director of Strategy & Innovation at Catalyst where he focuses on finding new and creative ways to leverage search data and insights to drive business results. Before his Strategy & Innovation role, Paul was a Catalyst Organic Search Director and led the SEO strategy for 13 Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 brands, and has served in other agency roles.

He is a regular contributor to several industry publications such as Marketing Land and Search Engine Land and helps run the /r/BigSEO community on Reddit. As of late, Paul has focused on evangelizing technical SEO, even starting the TechSEO Boost conference, a conference dedicated solely to technical SEO. In his free time, Paul is obsessed with horror movies, collecting antiquities, and writing on his technical SEO blog.

In this Session: 

  • Learn about the different things you can and cannot automate in SEO, saving you time and enabling more advanced work.
  • Discover free tools, such as KNIME, and learn how to use them to begin your automation efforts.
  • Finally learn what an API is and how it can help you and your SEO work