Remarkable Retargeting Event Recap

Search Snippets #5: Remarkable Retargeting

Search Snippets #5: Remarkable Retargeting

Why is retargeting remarkable? With low CPMs and high CTRs search marketers have been turning to retargeting to increase their reach and hit direct response goals. The three speakers for our fifth edition of Search Snippets “Remarkable Retargeting” helped shed light on the complex world of site, social, search, and creative retargeting. It was a timely topic in the world of social retargeting as Facebook Exchange (FBX) expands into News Feed. The presentations are available on SlideShare and video coverage of the event is on MnSearch’s YouTube Channel.


Retargeting 101

Tony Tellijon @toonces51 of Aktion Interactive provided a Retargeting 101 background on the benefits, drawbacks, tricks and basic setup of retargeting. He also gave a shout out to a Minnesota company Exact Drive that offers a “self-service” DMP/DSP solution – a nice option for control freaks that want direct control of data and inventory.

Don’t Be Lazy, Be Relevant!

Ashley Nicklay @Ashley_Emerson of Rasmussen College gave us a primer on Facebook Exchange and dived into Facebook retargeting. She discussed targeting, including how FBX enables targeting for online audiences with pixels and cookies. Ashley also warned us that banner fatigue happens quickly so it’s important to start with multiple ad variations and refresh creative often. Relevancy and granularity makes a big difference. In her experience Ashley has seen a 28% lift in CTR when headlines are specific to the product or service.

We Retarget and You Can, Too

Craig Boyte @Craigboy of FRWD chatted with us about the retargeting mindset, important fundamentals, juicy tactics and DMP/DSP vs. vendors. He walked us through advanced tactics ranging from sequential retargeting to dynamic retargeting. Craig also mentioned that FBX inventory costs less than inventories available through traditional DMP/DSP partners. FBX works just as well, if not better. At the end he shared an extensive study guide of things to keep in mind. An additional word from the wise Craig, “Be careful with vendors because they can sell your data.”

Search Snippets #5: Remarkable Retargeting Attendees

Search Snippets #5: Remarkable Retargeting Attendees

Our event wrapped up with many questions from our awesome, engaged attendees. Questions ranged from, “What’s the difference between a pixel and cookie?” to, “Can you retarget from secured pages?” To hear all of the presentations and the Q&A session please watch our recording of the event.

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