Meet Brooke Osmundson | Event Speaker September 2019


On Wednesday, September 25th, Brooke Osmundson of NordicClick Interactive will share with us her insights on how to maintain control PPC ad messaging in the face of expanding automation opportunities and increasing needs for creative copy. If you’ve not yet met Brooke, then it’s high time for you to learn a bit about her before seeing her in action on the 25th.

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Meet Brooke Osmundson, Our September Speaker!

  1. What can attendees expect to take away from your session? 
    1. How to navigate automated ad formats
    2. What ad testing looks like in today’s landscape
    3. How to create winning ad copy based on audience
  2. What top 3 skills and/or characteristics are important to have in your line of work? 
    1. Flexibility. Digital marketing changes all the time. It seems that as soon as we get used to a new format, interface, etc. it’s gone! We have to be open and willing to test everything.
    2. Creativity/Critical Thinking. We’ve all seen bad marketing. Don’t be that person! ???? But in all seriousness, because marketing has become so personalized to the individual user, messaging is no longer a “one size fits all.” We must be creative in how we’re reaching an individual based on where they’re at in the marketing funnel.
    3. Attention to Detail. This is a big one for me. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, even in my “seasoned years” as a marketer! One small setting change can make or break your campaign performance.
  3. Which marketing tool could you not live without? I use SEMRush almost daily and it’s great for pretty much anything that I need to be doing! 
  4. What piece of career advice would you give your younger self, knowing what you know now? Looking back at other years, my advice would be to not take everything so personally. This is coming from a middle child (people pleaser) so believe me when I say it! We are in business. Not every idea you have will be great, you will make mistakes and sometimes, clients just don’t work out. At the end of the day, it is business and we aim to be defined by more than just our work. ????
  5. Besides SEO, what’s one topic of discussion that you could talk about for hours on end? Honestly, I could talk about the shows Law & Order SVU and Scandal until you no longer wanted to be friends with me. But if you’re looking for a serious answer, I could talk about house renovations all day!
  6. Where can we connect with you online? 
    1. Twitter: @BrookeOsmundson  
    2. LinkedIn:
    3. NordicClick: [email protected]

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