Review the criteria and guidelines below to contribute to MnSearch.org!

So, for the first time ever, MnSearch is handing over the keys to our blog to a few lucky writers who meet our Harvard MBA-level entry requirements. With one caveat, contributors must be current MnSearch members. If you’re not a member but would like to contribute, join today!

Ranked the #2 Minnesota Search Marketing blog by Google with readership in the double-digits, our blog strives to be an authoritative source for topics relevant to the ever-discerning Minnesota Search Marketing community.

What He Said

As eluded to earlier, we have pretty high standards around here, and we demand to be taken seriously as an organization – and that demanding attitude certainly applies to the content on our blog as well.

cutts-twitter-guest-postingIf you arrived here by performing queries like “intitle:guest post” or “inurl:write for us”, or if your sole motive is to meet your weekly quota of keyword-rich dofollow anchor text links, then move along, nothing to see here.

Now, if you’re a cool, honest, knowledgeable and passionate human being that’s looking for a little amplification, exposure, or just some plain ol’ validation on how smart you are, then read on because guest blogging isn’t dead.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for high-quality, unique posts that won’t end up anywhere else on the Internet on topics that are relevant to our industry. We’re welcoming submissions from MnSearch members as well as other local marketers – but we’re strongly going to prefer those who come to our events and have beers with us.

As for topics, feel free to pitch whatever you’d like! We’d like to leave this pretty open, just as long as it’s relevant to the Minnesota Search Marketing community. Big ideas and stupidly-creative posts are not only welcome, they’re encouraged.

I think we can all agree that subjects like Content Is King and 246 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page and Look At How Great I Am and Why The Meta Keywords Tag is the Grassy Knoll/D.B. Cooper/Bermuda Triangle of SEO have all been beaten to death and nothing more needs to be said on those subjects.

Here are some potential topics to get you thinking:

  • All Aspects of SEO, such as Technical, Local, Video, Vertical-specific, etc.
  • All Aspects of PPC, such as Remarketing, Ad Extensions, Bid Mangement / Strategy, etc.
  • CRO
  • Content Marketing
  • Local Agency News
  • Industry News
  • Conference Recaps
  • Productivity
  • Project Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media / Google+ / Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest
  • Authorship
  • Rich Snippets
  • Anything Inbound
  • Web Design and Development
  • 1,000-Word Rants on Minnesota Sports Teams (kidding) (maybe)
  • And more!

** Preference will be given to those forward-thinking individuals who submit posts related to the topic of upcoming events **

We’re not going to put any limitations on external links, but know that your posts will be reviewed by passive-aggressive Minnesotans who will certainly give you dirty looks at the next event and make you feel bad and guilty if you try and go cray-cray with them links. We all work in the industry day-in-and-day-out, so we know what that looks like so beware.

Linking your posts to social profiles and other forms of authorship is strongly encouraged.

Our Editorial Review Process

Our process is pretty simple. We’ll review your post in-depth and check to see if it ticks the following boxes, and offer suggestions/gentle rejections/moral support if not:

  • Does it add value to our community and the world-wide web in general?
  • Is it written by a human? Has this human high-fived me at an event? Has this human even been to an event? 
  • Would I share this with my personal and/or professional networks on social media and sites like inbound.org?
  • Would I send it along to a client or colleague as resourceful information on a subject?
  • Am I totally pissed that I didn’t think of this first?

We’ll pass it around the group, and provide honest feedback that will help you grow as a professional, and as a writer. By allowing us to host your content, you’ll help us as an organization by getting us more exposure and authority. It’s basically a win-win situation here.

We’ll try and get to each and every submission in a timely manner, but bear with us as we A) haven’t done this before and B) most of us have day jobs, so patience is a virtue.

How to Submit

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. Please please please submit something – we’d love to show the world how smart, awesome, and ridiculously good-looking we Minnesota Search Marketers are!

To submit, email your post ideas to [email protected], or through our contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.