Dr. Pete Meyers – The Intent Funnel: How We Get Keywords Wrong

About Dr. Pete Meyers:

Guarding the thin line between marketing and data science – which is more like a hallway and is really pretty wide – I work on the projects that no one else understands, mostly because I don’t explain them very well.

I am the keeper of the Algo History, the architect of the MozCast Project, and the watcher of all things Google. I am an avid content marketer, especially “big” content. I am just beginning to explore how my research can impact the future of our tools, and look forward to pushing that forward in 2018 and beyond.

In this Session:  

We pick the keywords we want (out of volume or vanity) with little regard to searchers, assuming there will always be organic and paid opportunity on every SERP. As Google throws it’s machines at understanding intent, the shape of opportunity is changing dramatically.

Discover how to understand intent using SERP features, how features impact CTR, map intent to the buyer funnel, and find keywords with the most opportunity.