Sexy Web Analytics Wrap Up

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Sexy Web Analytics

Didn’t think web analytics could be sexy? Well maybe they aren’t really that sexy but they do provide great insights into your online marketing and knowing how to better use these tools with likely lead to greater success in search marketing. Our great group of speakers gave the crowd at Search Snippets #4: Sexy Web Analytics For Search Marketing a look into ways to analyze your data and make sure you are getting the most out of Google Analytics.  All of the slides are available below and you can also find them on SlideShare where you can follow MnSearch to see all of our events.



Web Analytics for Search Marketing

Darren Selberg

Darren Selberg

Darren Selberg @darrenslberg of Three Deep Marketing gave the audience some great ways to analyze your data using combinations of AdWords and Analytics as well as Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Darren showed some ways to visualize your data to find quick wins and use and use advanced segments to analyze your organic search traffic. Looking for those advanced segments for keywords groupings? Here they are Advanced Segments for Search Marketing




Tag, You’re It

Dan Antonson

Dan Antonson

Next up was Dan Antonson @DanAntonson of SMCpros. Dan gave it to us all straight and let us know that the majority of users either do not have Google Analytics configured properly or are not getting the most out of it. Dan gave a summary of what you should be tracking like conversions, events and site usage and then gave some great use cases on how using these would give you additional insights into how users interact with your site.   




Get Sexy With API’s

Shinhee Son

Shinhee Son

Last but certainly not least was Shinhee Son @shinheeson of Rasmussen College.  Shinee gave us his secrets for using tools to quickly pull Google Analytics data to outside sources and make the reporting and analysis phase more effective. As Shinee explained a search marketers time is much better spent analyzing data, writing insights and creating strategies based off of the data than creating manual reports. Shinhee’s presentation was full of actionable advice for using the Google API through prebuilt tools that require ZERO coding ability. Shinhee referenced the tools SeoTools for Excel as his choice for exporting Google Analytics data, currently SeoTools for Excel only works on Windows, sorry Mac and Linux fans.  



Thanks to Our Sponsors

As always we want to thank our very gracious host Internet Exposure @iexposure and SpyderTrap @SpyderTrap for providing the food and beverages. Most of all thanks to our members and everyone else who made it out to the event to learn about the world of sexy web analytics. If you were unable to make it we have a recording of the presentations and a copy of each presentation.

Have any great web analytics tips, tool or super secret trick you use to make your website a better place? Share them in the comments and let us know if you would like to present at an upcoming Search Snippets event.


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