September 2020 Virtual Event Recap

September Event Recap: The Truth about E-A-T with Ian Lurie

Ian Lurie, Consultant at Ian Lurie LLC, shares his take on modern day E-A-T and how it can guide SEO

MnSearch hosted Ian Lurie for our September event to discuss E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). EAT shouldn’t be unique in SEO—it should be table stakes. See top takeaways from Ian’s presentation and the full webinar below.

Key takeaways of Ian’s presentation on E-A-T included:

  1. We’re all really focused on EAT in the rater guidelines, but there are a lot of other guidelines we need to be looking at.
  2. Never make EAT an optimization strategy.
  3. What to say about E-A-T to clients and bosses: It is one of many different things we look at. It’s not part of the algorithm, but it can provide us with a good hint.
  4. The Quality Rater Guidelines is a goldmine of content for search criteria and examples. 
  5. Avoid at all cost “written by admin” or “written by staff”

Watch our webinar on-demand.

Special thanks to our virtual sponsor, Rocket55, for putting together this amazing event recap!

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