New SEO eBook Features Tips From Industry Leaders in Minnesota and Across the Nation

seo now ebookIn the world of SEO where the only change you can count on is continual change, it’s incredibly important to be learning about the latest tools, tips and tactics from industry leaders by any means possible.

And while we know that as a busy search marketer it can be worrisome to commit to reading a longer form piece of content like an eBook; fearing that it may just turn into an irrelevant time suck. It’s important to make sure that you don’t fall into the TL|DR black hole as these epic long form pieces of content can often provide you with some of the more in-depth learning opportunities you’ll find.

Because of that we wanted to tell you about a recently released eBook that you need to check out titled, “SEO Now,” that was published by Linkdex. This resource features insights from 27 of the biggest names in the search marketing industry including MnSearch Vice President Josh Braaten!

“The fate of the SEO and the brand team, or any other form of owned media channel, are tied together. So should the budgets be. A brand tries to create branded experiences – they try to create an experience to engage folks, and earn traffic through that, and a great deal of that experience takes place within the search engine.”

Josh Braaten, p. 192 of “SEO Now” Director of Inbound Marketing, Collegis Education

So if you want to learn from the best and do things the right way by learning from individuals like Josh or other experts such as Danny Sullivan, Bruce Clay and Marty Weintraub (another expert from Minnesota). In addition to gaining insights from top brands like Adobe, Expedia, and Microsoft be sure to download the “SEO NOW” eBook and get ready to learn from the best on your way to becoming a better search marketer.

P.S. If you are interested in learning from some the industries best search marketer’s face-to-face, register for the MnSearch Summit coming up on June 27th in downtown Minneapolis! Check out our impressive list of speakers!

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