The 2014 MnSearch Summit Minneapolis Bar & Restaurant Guide

The 2014 MnSearch Summit Minneapolis Bar & Restaurant Guide

The 2014 MnSearch Summit Minneapolis Bar & Restaurant Guide

If you’re planning on attending the MnSearch Summit, you should HIGHLY consider sticking around afterwards. Because while there’s going to be a short happy hour after the summit wraps up from 4:30-7p.m., the night doesn’t have to stop there!

It will be a great opportunity to hit the town with some of your search marketing friends or potential clients while you’re in the downtown area.

And since not everyone is familiar with the Downtown Minneapolis area, we’ve thrown together this handy guide to nearby bars & restaurants to help you decide where to go.

Location, Location, Location

Another great thing about the MnSearch Summit (in addition to the speakers) is the definitely the location of the venue. We are literally smack-dab in the middle of two downtown hotspots – Nicollet Mall and Hennepin Ave.

And because we’re nerds, we even mapped all this for you. Check out the map and the details of each location below to find your ideal spot.

Nicollet Mall

Nicollet Mall has lots of restaurants, bars, bros, street performers, and things to do. Along with Hennepin Ave, it’s one of the main downtown thoroughfares.

Nicollet Mall is a pedestrian mall that extends for much of the length of Downtown Minneapolis, from 12th St down to Washington Ave. It’s only open to buses, taxis, and pedicabs.

Pro tip– buses that run down the mall are usually free for the length of the mall.

If the weather is nice, it’s a joy to just trot down the mall and see what tickles your fancy.

Some quick recommendations for a group of people looking for drinks, eat and so much more around Nicollet Mall:

  •  Brit’s Pub: A true English-style pub (that’s pretty HUGE) with authentic beers, food, and even a rooftop deck with lawn bowling. ($$)
  • The Local: A solid Irish bar with a great environment, solid food, and stiff drinks. ($$)
  • Devil’s Advocate: YOU GUYS. THIS IS A MEATBALL BAR. They have other food too, BUT 40 TAPS AND A BUNCH OF MEATBALLS. ($$)
  • The News Room: A news-themed establishment (awesome, right?) with solid food and beer. A solid, consistent place that you probably wouldn’t have to wait at. ($$)
  • Masa: Contemporary Mexican cuisine, voted #2 Best Mexican in the Twin Cities in 2012. ($$)
  • Manny’s Steakhouse: It’s just a short block off of Nicollet Mall, and is a fantastic steakhouse. Try the double porterhouse. ($$$$)
  • Barrio: Tequila bar with solid Mexican food. Great for groups and is a great stop on any bar hopping adventure. ($$)
  • Prohibition: Probably one of the most unique cocktail lounges in the area. Located on the top floor of the city’s first skyscraper (built in 1929), Prohibition is a little spendy, but the ambiance and views are totally worth it. ($$$)


Hennepin Ave

One of the city’s main thoroughfares, Hennepin Ave has just about everything you could ever want. From bars and restaurants to historic theaters and libraries, Hennepin Ave is a great compliment to Nicollet Mall. Lots of the restaurants along Hennepin have rooftop bars, which are a great place to hang when the weather is nice. The action happens from about 13th St all the way down to 4th St.

Some recommendations around Hennepin Ave:

  • Eli’s Food and Cocktails: Amazing food, amazing cocktails, amazing prices. Seriously. Get the brisket and be SHOCKED at what you get for just $9. It’s a smaller place that tends to fill up quick. ($$)
  • Butcher & The Boar: A bit fancier, lots of meat, seafood, and beer. They have a great outdoor space, complete with a beer garden. ($$$)
  • The Bulldog Downtown: A very consistently solid bar & grill type place. Very good beer selection, great food, reasonable prices, exact match domain. ($$)
  • Solera: Excellent Spanish cuisine. A little fancier, but very delicious. They have a wonderful rooftop bar with events in the summer. ($$$)
  • CRAVE: Mixed reviews on the food, but it’s has a huge rooftop bar with great views. ($$)
  • The Capital Grille: Feeling fancy? It’s a fancy chain restaurant. ($$$$)
  • UNION Restaurant: A newer place with supposedly VERY solid seafood choices and a pretty amazing rooftop patio. ($$$)
  • SEVEN Steakhouse & Skybar: A combination steak/sushi place with an awesome HUGE rooftop bar. Their homepage is flash and plays Frank Sinatra. What more do you want? ($$$)
  • Fogo de Chao: A Brazilian steakhouse chain. Bust out the meat sweats – it’s all you can eat. ($$$)
  • Bradstreet Crafthouse: Located inside the city’s best hotel (Graves 601), this is a place focused on great food and high-end cocktails. Interestingly enough the food is pretty reasonably priced. ($$$)
  • Buca di Beppo: Just a half-a-block off of Hennepin on 12th, Buca is a solid family-style Italian place, great for groups. May be tough on a Friday night without a reservation, though. ($$)

There you have it. This should be MORE than enough to get you started. If you need any additional specific recommendations, connect with me at the summit or send me a tweet @scott_dodge.

FYI – There are many other options in the Twin Cities that if you have a chance we would definitely recommend checking out, such as The Warehouse District and St Anthony Main, but those are bit beyond walking distance. If you want to trek to one of these other areas, you should definitely consider Nye’s Polonaise Room (Once rated the best bar in America) to see The World’s Most Dangerous Polka Band. It’s a sight to be seen.

Please feel free to add you own favorite’s hot spots (with links to more information about them) below!

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