The MnSearch Summit Interview Series: Oli Gardner

We had the opportunity to interview several experts who are speaking at MnSearch Summit to help you learn more about them prior to the event so that you can get to know these industry leaders as friends. Keep reading and be sure to attend Oli’s session on Friday June 27th at the MnSearch Summit!

Bio: Oli Gardner is the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing at Unbounce. He is an accomplished speaker focused on conversion centered design and has a distain for marketers that send their campaign traffic to their homepage. Feel free to follow him on Twitter.


1. What are you most excited for the MnSearch Summit in the Twin Cities this summer?

The opportunity to bring help attendees create more delightful and effective landing experiences so they can get more from their marketing. Oh, and being on the same card as Rand 🙂

2. What actionable tips could attendees expect to walk away with after your session?

Attendees will be able to create landing pages that actually work, increasing the conversion rates of their PPC campaigns. I’ll be getting into some new and advanced techniques for lead gen form design, and how to get the most out of your content marketing. I’ll also explain how you can deconstruct your current landing pages and rebuild them using Conversion Centered Design.

3. What piece of career advice could you give to someone new to the search marketing field?

Learn how to write. The sooner you understand how to create quality content, the sooner you’ll understand how to create marketing experiences that acquire customers while also elevating your brand.

4. What elements would you build into a landing page that is designed to convert customers from a metro area such as the Twin Cities?

Every landing page needs 5 essential elements, but more than anything, if you’re trying to optimize a landing page for the Twin Cities, you need to be A/B testing as part 3 of the “10 Stops On The Conversion Highway” infographic shows 🙂

5. What have you always loved/wondered about the State of Minnesota?

I’m a wildlife photographer, so I have a deep love and appreciation of the National Parks of the U.S. One park on my bucket list is Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota. I also spend a fair amount of time trying to figure out how Twin Cities CRO rockstar Angie Schottmuller’s hair is so awesome.


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