The MnSearch Summit Interview Series: Eric Enge

We had the opportunity to interview several experts who are speaking at the MnSearch Summit in order to help you get excited about attending, gain some career advice and get to know these industry leaders a little bit better. Keep reading and be sure to attend Eric’s session on Friday June 27th at the MnSearch Summit!

Eric EngeBio: Eric Enge is the Founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting and has been working in the SEO/Marketing industry for more than 30 years. He is the host of The Digital Marketing Excellence Show, a weekly Google Plus Hangout on Air event that takes place every Thursday and speaks at a many major search conferences throughout the year. Feel free to follow him on Google+.


1. What are you most excited for the MnSearch Summit in the Twin Cities this summer?

I am really looking forward to getting together with all the great people that will be speaking and attending.  It looks like an awesome speaking lineup, and there will be tons to learn and great networking opportunities.

2. What actionable tips could attendees expect to walk away with after your session?

I will be talking about the Hummingbird release that Google announced in October 2013. The key thing about Hummingbird is that it was a rewrite of Google’s search platform, and was designed to allow Google to be able to be much more nimble in implementing new algorithms, and it also integrated Natural Language search into the main algorithms.  This was a big step for semantic search, and hence the actionable tips would be:

a. Why focusing on user needs is more important than ever.

b. How you link building / content marketing activities must reinforce semantic intent.

c. Why building web pages around user needs (instead of products) is critical to SEO.

3. What piece of career advice could you give to someone new to the search marketing field?

Use a holistic approach.  Understand user needs, produce fantastic content, and then promote that content in relevant places.  If you do that you will be creating the signals that Google and Bing want to find and value the most.

4. What have you always loved/wondered about the State of Minnesota?

In February of 2012 I went on a camping trip in February north of Ely.  Temperatures dropped to -30 degrees.  Yes, it was COLD.  But, it was incredibly beautiful as well.  The air was crisp and clean, and the stars at night were unbelievable.  We also had sled dogs with us for 2 days, and I loved every minute of it!


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