Meet the Speaker: Kat Duncan of Click Talent

By September 13, 2016Interviews

This month’s MnSearch event will be held on Wednesday, September 28th and is focused on helping you learn about the Do’s and career ending Do Not’s of navigating your digital marketing career in today’s opportunity-rich job market.

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And prior to the event, we want to help you get to know a little bit about our speaker(s). So keep reading to learn about one of our speakers coming on at the end of the month, Kat Duncan of Click Talent.

Kat DuncanMeet Kat:

1. How did you first hear about MnSearch?

In 2010, when MN Search first launched, the initial meeting was at FRWD. I was part of the team that recruited original board members.

2. What can attendees expect to take away from your session on September 28th?

I am hoping the attendees will walk away with a roadmap on how to best manage their careers in a time of fast evolving ad-tech and emerging/modern marketing. How and when to look at new opportunities, how to have the compensation conversation, best resources for actual salaries in their specializations. I am hoping from the employer side, attendees will learn how to “woo” in a candidate tight market, all while still properly assessing skill and culture fit for their organizations and gain new tips on employee engagement that leads to retention.

3. What is the biggest mistake that you still see organizations making in your area of expertise?

Antiquated talent acquisition tactics. Organizations still relying on job boards and postings, when 98% of applicants applying online are not qualified (Forrester stat). Employers move far too slowly in the interview process, involve far too many voices that are not decision makers and allow a hiring by committee atmosphere. Hiring managers that lose track of time and therefore lose on great candidates. A one week span of time that felt like 3 hours to the hiring manager, feels like 2 months to the candidate. Candidates grow cold quickly, as they have many opportunities to chose from.

4. What one piece of career advice do you wish someone had given you when you started your career?

Get into a BIG, REPUTABLE organization, even if you’re a small fish. That resume pedigree will go a long way for you later in your career.

5. Besides your area of expertise, what is one topic of discussion that you could talk about for hours on end?

The Renaissance Festival and all of its fabulousness.

6. What is the best part about being self-employed?

Working for myself, I have autonomy and decision making. Being the revenue generator for your business and employees can be terrifying, but I’m more afraid of having a manager again, as I’m far too insubordinate.

7. Where is your favorite spot to grab drinks in the Twin Cities?

I live in Stillwater, so my favorite spot is the rooftop of The Green Room on Main Street on a perfect summer day overlooking the St. Croix River.

8. Where can we connect with you online?

Twitter: @katduncanmpls




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