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On Wednesday, July 31st, The Motley Fool’s Alli Berry will be showing all of us how to ensure our website content and SEO efforts spark joy. In her presentation, The Magic of Tidying Up Your Web Content, Alli will be sharing great insights into how to optimize your best performing content and get rid of the content that’s bringing your site performance down. 

In case you’ve not yet met Alli or heard her speak, we thought we might take a moment here to introduce her to you properly before you come to see her at Rocket 55 on the 31st! (Not registered? No worries! Register here now.)

Meet the Speaker: Alli Berry

    1. What can attendees expect to take away from your session?
      1. Develop a system for discarding duplicate or thin content that is hindering your site’s performance
      2. Determine your best performing content and optimize it so it better ranks for the keywords that matter most to you
      3. Identify content that is cannibalizing your efforts and take a systematic approach to redirect or deoptimize it.
    2. What top 3 skills and/or characteristics are important to have in your line of work? 
      1. Curiosity
      2. Emotional intelligence 
      3. Desire to be a continuous learner
    3. Which marketing tool could you not live without?
      1. Google Analytics. It’d be pretty tough to make data-driven decisions without your web performance data. 
    4. What piece of career advice would you give your younger self, knowing what you know now?
      1. Be curious about everything and ask tons of questions. Find out what your colleagues who work in other areas of the business are up to. It’ll help you understand how your work contributes to the big picture, and uncover new ways to collaborate.
    5. Besides SEO, what’s one topic of discussion that you could talk about for hours on end?
      1. The Mary Tyler Moore Show (and other classic TV), living/traveling abroad, Crock-Pot cooking and John Hughes movies.
    6. Where can we connect with you online? 
      1. Twitter: @alliberry3
      2. Email: [email protected]
      3. LinkedIn: 
    7. BONUS: What’s your favorite GIF?

Want to hear more from Alli? Grab your tickets for the 31st now!


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