May 2020 Virtual Event Recap

May Event Recap: Unlocking ROI in Any Budget

Navah Hopkins, Director of Digital Marketing at Hennessey Digital, discussed optimizing ROI on paid accounts at MnSearch’s May event

We got together on Zoom for May’s event about optimizing paid accounts, no matter the budget you’re working with. The pandemic has put a greater focus on getting the most from paid media budgets. Navah Hopkins walked us through ways to look outside of raising the budget to help paid campaigns perform better.

Key takeaways of Navah’s presentation on optimizing paid accounts included:

  1. Raising the budget is a last resort!
  2. Before looking at raising the budget, consider location, targets, campaign structure and bidding strategies
  3. Consider conversion rate in comparison to value
  4. Audit your search terms account to find the champions
  5. Bid to budget ratio is only part of the equation—if the bids are too low, you won’t even enter the auction

Watch our webinar on-demand.

Special thanks to our virtual sponsor, Rocket55, for putting together this amazing event recap!

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