Leadership Interview: James Svoboda, Vice President of MnSearch

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James Svoboda, Vice President, MnSearch

James Svodboda - Vice President - MnSearch

James Svoboda is the first Vice President of the Minnesota Search Marketing Association, and it’s a role he doesn’t take lightly. Luckily for MnSearch, James is used to looking at companies and websites from a strategic topline perspective, serving as CEO at WebRanking.com.

James took some time out of his busy schedule (more on this below) to answer some questions about himself and the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association.


Forest Taylor: Mr. Svoboda, tell us a bit about what you do for the Minnesota Search Marketing Association.

James Svoboda: I am the current Vice President of the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association. This is a role that I am grateful to have been granted the trust to fill, and one that I am determined to set a good example during my time in it.


WebRanking.com LogoForest: What do you do when you’re not working with other MnSearch board members to get the association up and running?

James: During the other portion of my days, I am CEO and Managing Partner at WebRanking.com, a search marketing agency that was started in 1998 by my father and brother. In this role, it’s my job to maintain a full understanding of all facets of search marketing so that my team can provide as high a level of service as possible.

By and large, I’m a search geek that just loves tinkering and analyzing the many different types of SEM projects.

James & the Webranking Crew
Forest: Any secret identities you’d like to share, hobbies outside of work?

James: Well, beyond the not-so-secret of being a search geek, I am also a sports fan, occasional foodie, snow boarder, wondering traveler, DMB follower, Star Wars fan since the age of 6, part-time handyman, and lover of all things that make my kids smile.


Forest: With everything else you do, the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association is a large undertaking. Why MnSearch and why now?

James: Search marketing has become an industry in it’s own right, and we could use an association that raises the standards and awareness of search within Minnesota. There are also many strong and progressive search marketers in Minnesota that could gain from an organization that represents them and their passion for search.


Forest: As a reasonably young digital marketer in the Twin Cities, why should I consider joining the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association as opposed some of the other organizations in town?

James: Throughout all my years in search, nothing has become clearer to me than just how widespread the influence of search marketing is and how many areas of digital marketing are affected by it, not to mention how many digital marketing practices feed back into search marketing.

Web design and usability will affect search marketing conversions. Programming and web development will affect search indexing and technical aspects of SEO. Copywriting will affect keyword rankings and conversions, and even social media has an affect on site popularity and link building.

There are so many areas of search that are intertwined with other web disciplines, and every digital professional will benefit from being involved with the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association.


To catch more about MnSearch’s busy Vice Prez, checkout James’ bio. Next week stay tuned for an interview with Aaron Weiche, MnSearch Event Director.

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