Leadership Interview: Dustin Thompson, Sponsorship Director

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By day, Dustin Thompson doubles as Chief Financial Officer for Streamline Inc. and Online Marketing Consultant for Konnected Interactive. By night, Dustin is the first Director of Sponsorship for the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association.

MnSearch - Sponsorship Director

Busy already, if Dustin has anything to say about, he’ll soon be busier. As MnSearch’s sponsorship director, he is in charge of making the right connections and creating a model that both MnSearch and potential sponsors can benefit from.

We spoke with Dustin about his new role and the reasoning behind the launch of a search organization in the Twin Cities.

Forest Taylor: Tell us about your role with the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association.
Dustin Thompson: I am the Sponsorship Director. I help develop the different sponsorship opportunities we offer, such as event sponsorship and general association sponsorship. I work with interested companies to develop a sponsorship program that will benefit both parties.

Forest: Any similarities to your day job? What do you do when you’re not thinking about MnSearch sponsorship?
Dustin: My schedule varies from day to day but I am typically always thinking about search. My day typically starts with responding to emails and organizing what I need to accomplish throughout the day.

Forest: Any secret identities, hobbies or passions?
Dustin: I certainly do have a secret persona but wouldn’t be much of a secret if I told you here, so it will have to remain a secret.

As far as hobbies go, the nice thing about working in search is work is still a hobby. There is always interesting data and strategies coming out, and I like to stay up to date on what is going on in the industry.

I also have a bit of geek side, so I am always learning about new technologies and creating little side projects. During the short Minnesota summer I try to get out and golf as much as possible.

Forest: Why the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association and why now?
Dustin: I think the creation of this group is past due. Minnesota has a great search community and part of my hope in helping to develop this group is that we’ll bring some much-needed networking and educational opportunities to the area.

Forest: What if search isn’t involved in my day job – any words for the general digital marketer?
Dustin: From my standpoint, the difference between “digital” and search is far less than many generalists may think. Having at least some background knowledge of search can benefit just about every digital project. The MnSearch group will provide education and resources to all levels of search marketers, which will allow them to bring new ideas and better execution to their digital projects.


To keep up with Dustin follow him on Twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn and check out his bio. Next week stay tuned for an interview with Jeff Sauer.

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