Leadership Interview: Aaron Weiche, Event Director

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This week’s interview with the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association board of directors features Aaron Weiche, the man in charge of making sure events run smoothly and you hear about them.

Aaron Weiche - Event Director

Aaron Weiche - Event Director

It’s a role Aaron is well equipped to handle, having worked similar magic with Local University. If anyone can convince search engine marketing and SEO stars from around the country to travel to the snowy wastes of Minnesota, well, we’ve got our money on Aaron.

Forest Taylor: What is your role with the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association?
Aaron Weiche: I’m the Director of Events. My main job is to lead the planning, promotion and execution of our events.

We are planning four events for 2012, and I’m excited to help lead the board’s efforts to create valuable and well organized events. I’m hoping to deliver some great topics, speakers, and formats, setting the bar for what MnSearch can be counted on for in the future.

Forest: Tell me a bit about your day job.
Aaron: By day, I’m the Vice President of Spyder Trap Online Marketing. We’re a 20-person team of digital experts that design, build and manage online marketing components and campaigns.

Our offering includes search marketing, social marketing, mobile, web design, email marketing and more. I get to spend a lot of my time on ideation, strategy, creative and overseeing our production team.

Forest: Any secret identities, hobbies, projects or passions?
Aaron: I doubt I have any secrets, what with how blurred my line is between personal and professional life, amplified through social media. I’m an avid Twitter guy and consistent social networker, so I’m an open book.

My hobbies include softball, snowboarding, sports and Nebraska Husker football. I’m a family man with a great wife and three fabulous young daughters.

I consider the whole Internet to be a project, as I can’t ever shut off the ideas I have around this incredible channel.

Forest: Why the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association, and why now?
Aaron: This organization can bring a bright spotlight to the awesome, evolving, challenging and valuable world of search marketing. Now more than ever, search marketing plays a critical role in success online, and it’s growth and diverse disciplines demand ongoing education and attention.

Forest: I’m really just interested in digital and am trying to figure out which local group is best for me. Why should I consider the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association?
Aaron: We can obviously benefit those dedicated to a career in search marketing, but most aspects of search marketing can enrich any marketer’s knowledge. From understanding the target to creating motivation to converting customers, search marketing is a great blend of creative and data driven marketing. The MnSearch community has a lot to offer both search marketers and marketers of other persuasions.


To get the full story on Aaron, follow him on Twitter, connect with him on LinkedIn and if you still can’t get enough juicy details then read his bio. Stay tuned to the MnSearch blog for an interview with Dustin Thompson.

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