June 2020 Virtual Event Recap

June Event Recap: A Modern Look at SEO Basics

Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, dives into highly executable tactics and techniques for SEO

MnSearch welcomed Britney Muller as our virtual monthly event speaker this June. In her presentation, Britney focuses on a new way to look at SEO basics, including the fundamentals of content creation, easy wins for modern-day link-building, and simple tactics to optimize Google My Business.

Key takeaways of Britney’s presentation on SEO basics included:

  1. Our job as SEOs has never been to outsmart search engines. It’s to provide the best content that’s worthy of ranking.
  2. Include summaries at the beginning of content. They help with both user experience and featured snippets.
  3. Now is the time to continuously pay attention to Google My Business. Seed the Q&A with frequently asked questions, respond to all reviews both good and bad, and get rid of “hours may vary.”
  4. “Borrow” content ideas from ad campaigns because they’re constantly studying data and know what converts.

Watch our webinar on-demand.

Special thanks to our virtual sponsor, Rocket55, for putting together this amazing event recap!

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