July 2020 Virtual Event Recap

July Event Recap: The 5X Review Strategy

Aaron Weiche, CEO of GatherUp, explains how to extend the life of reviews by using them to inspire a content strategy

Aaron Weiche, CEO of GatherUp, joined MnSearch for our monthly event to discuss how to use reviews as a basis for content strategies. Customer reviews contain many hidden gems that can be repurposed in a way that’s meaningful to potential customers.

Key takeaways of Aaron’s presentation on reviews included:

  1. Businesses tend to focus on needing more great reviews, but they need to focus on getting fewer negative reviews.
  2. Reviews are a tactic. Customer experience is a strategy. 
  3. Earn more reviews by making the 1:1 human ask. Maximize the ask by making it an experience with your brand.
  4. Businesses who do it best have a flywheel review strategy baked into their business.
  5. Read reviews for key messages and use those as inspiration for content marketing.

Watch our webinar on-demand.

Special thanks to our virtual sponsor, Rocket55, for putting together this amazing event recap!

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