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By December 15, 2011MnSearch

MnSEARCH - The Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association
Welcome to the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association. We’re glad you found us, especially if it was via organic search, but we’ll happily settle for referring links and WOM.

Why It’s Time For A Search Engine Marketing Association In Minnesota

In a lot of ways, the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs are optimized for search marketing. Despite maintaining a low profile, nationally, Minnesota is home to a surprisingly large amount of SEO and SEM practitioners, aficionados and experts.

In fact, from a flat-out advertising, marketing and pr standpoint, Minneapolis and St. Paul are hotbeds of activity. We’re home to some of the largest companies in the world and host some of the most exciting agencies and individuals in the country. So why can’t people find us?

What We Want

The goal of the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association is to corral the great work happening in the Twin Cities around the areas of SEM and SEO and the brilliant minds pushing that work forward. In short, we want Minnesota search marketing to be findable.

We’re not just patting ourselves on the back. We’re smart – really smart, and we want to share those smarts with the community at large. We’re not talking about group chanting over the latest Facebook updates; our goal is to talk about the big picture and share opportunities to take part in actually shaping it.

In Fact, Think Of Us More As A Search Marketing Lab

What is search marketing, anyway? It’s more than proper META descriptions and sound PPC strategy. People search for things every day. They search for products, companies, advice, directions, inspiration, and more.

If we assume that the goal of search engines like Google and Bing is to understand how the searcher thinks and how they filter results and arrive at conclusions, then search marketing begins to tread a blurry line between technical skill and empathetic observation.

How do people filter the content they want and need while traveling through increasingly cluttered environments? Can we better design our content ecosystems to accommodate the human mind?

We’d like to think so, and, therefore, like to think of ourselves as a search marketing organization with the heart of a science lab.

At our quarterly events, we’ll give you the opportunity to learn about the tools and tactics of the trade from experts. We’ll give you ideas on what search tactics you might test and how to go about testing them. Of course, there will also be plenty of opportunities to network and exchange knowledge.

You’ve found us. Let’s go out and make something awesome.

Last But Not Least

The Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association is brought to you by and for the search marketing geeks you know and love, with special thanks to Ackmann & Dickenson for our website design & development, ArcStone Technologies, LLC for powering our online membership system, and SpyderTrap for making our stellar logo.

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