Five Must-See Reasons to Attend the 2015 MnSearch Summit

mnsummitThe 2015 MnSearch Summit is just weeks away (June 26th), and hopefully you’re already registered, because you care deeply about your search marketing, producing results for your organization and growing as a marketing professional.

If you have not yet signed up to attend the region’s premier search conference, you’re probably one of those people who likes to play hard to get, who requires a little wining and dining before you’ll commit. Well, get ready to swoon after reading these five reasons to attend the best one-day digital marketing conference in town.

1.     Top tier digital marketing experts, sharing their knowledge with you.

This year’s Summit speakers are the vanguard of the digital marketing world. They deliver results consistently for their businesses, and they’re veteran conference presenters who are going to share the secrets to their success with you.

Check out the full list of speakers, and also be sure to read our series of presenter interviews to find out more about the backgrounds and expertise of our lineup.

2.     Best-in-class tactics that will help you dominate in your business niche.

Whether you work for an agency, in-house, or on your own, the 2015 MnSearch Summit is going to provide you with actionable tactics that will give you a leg up on the competition.
At the end of the day, no matter how great a presentation may be, it’s what you can take back and apply to your business niche that will impress your clients (and/or your boss).
If you’re looking for examples, ask a MnSearch Summit attendee from 2014 about the knowledge bombs from Larry Kim on paid search, or Oli Gardner on landing page optimization. This event is going to give you inside information on what moves the needle in your search, email, and PPC campaigns.

3.     Three tracks covering all the latest topics in digital marketing.

“Spoiled for choice” is a phrase that describes those who have signed up for this year’s MnSearch Summit. Topics include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search
  • Digital analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Content
  • Social media

…and much, much more. Why do skills outside of your job description matter, you may ask? Industry pros like John Doherty (Zillow) and Rand Fishkin (Moz), have both talked about the necessity of being a T-shaped or inverted pyramid-shaped digital marketer: breadth is just as important as depth in what we do.

Get what you need from the sessions in your specialty, but make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to learn something new. It’s good for your clients, your company, and your career.

4.     It’s not all about what you know, it’s whom you know: connect with the region’s digital marketing luminaries.

I can tell you from personal experience that the best way to get a leg up in our industry is to put yourself out there. Is networking always a good time? No, no it’s not. Is MnSearch Summit networking always a good time? Yes, yes it is.
Meet the presenters, members of MnSearch, and digital marketing tastemakers from far and wide at three top-shelf networking events that will be fueled by our shared love of the Internet and solving problems (and a cocktail or two, if the spirit takes you):

  • Pre Mixer Speaker Reception (MnSearch members and select invitees only) on Thursday, June 25, sponsored by Conductor, Bing Ads, and Aktion Interactive. Not a member? Join today!
  • Post-Summit Happy Hour on Friday, June 26th, immediately following the 2015 MnSearch Summit. Sponsored by WebRanking.
  •  Post-Summit Bash on June 26th, after the Happy Hour. Join us at The Liffey for an after party like no other. Follow @MnSearchBarkeep on Twitter for updates!

Meet people, talk shop with them, drink with them, and become a more connected professional because of it. Our events are geared towards bringing talented digital marketers together in order to learn, guide, and inspire each other. We hope you’ll join us.

5.     Back-to-back: follow up the MnSearch Summit with Local U Advanced on Saturday, June 27.

What could possibly be better than the MnSearch Summit presenter lineup, the tactics, the breadth of subject matter, and the networking opportunities? Well, “nothing” would be the correct answer on most days, but today is not most days.

This year, the Summit is going back-to-back with Local U Advanced, sponsored by Google. Join MnSearch’s own board president James Svoboda, along with board member emeritus Aaron Weiche and another all-star lineup as they delve deep into the mysteries of local SEO.

There are still combined-rate tickets for the Summit and Local U that can save you $500, so head on over to the conference website to register for both events now.

Don’t Miss this Event

So there it is, those are the big guns. You can’t possibly deny us now, can you? It’s just one date, after all, and we’ll be good to you, we promise. Register now to take this relationship to the next level.

Don’t forget: membership has its benefits. Become a MnSearch member and get a reduced Summit rate, as well as access to a year of other great events, all for free!

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