Bob Sparkins

Bob Sparkins

Sales Marketing Manager

Whether your traffic comes from paid ads, organic search, social media, or (gasp!) a human-to-human conversation, the first thing your visitors see after they click needs to convert them into a qualified lead (or customer).
But what page should that first page be? What are the key elements that you must include on that page? What should you avoid like the plague? What if the first page they see is a blog post?
Bob Sparkins (Sales Marketing Manager at Leadpages) will answer these questions and many more as he simplifies your path towards your Perfect Landing Page. You’ll hear what’s working now in landing page design and common mistakes to avoid. You’ll walk away with a 5-step plan for crafting your next high-converting landing page, no matter what platform you use or product you’re selling.

11:30 am - 12:15 pm
Iron Range // BR2

The Anatomy of a High-Converting Landing Page - Bob Sparkins

Cross Channel Track Session 3