Aaron Levy

Aaron Levy


Aaron Levy has been in digital for 15 years, starting as a cross channel manager for a few large media brands before moving into a startup agency where he built a paid team from the ground up. Based out of sunny Philadelphia, he now supports over 100 of the worlds finest enterprise-level SEM managers, while monitoring larger scale trends across the industry with an eye towards the future. He’s an internationally recognized speaker, frequently author in industry publications and a mentor to many. he’s also an adjunct instructor at Drexel & University of Vermont, working to grow the next generation of marketers. He moonlights (daylights?) as an avid golfer, hockey player, cyclist and claims to be the industry’s top chef.

2:25 pm - 3:10 pm
North Shore // BR3

The Modern Google Ads Playbook - Aaron Levy

Paid Track Session 4