Did You Miss the 2014 MnSearch Summit? Not Anymore! [Videos]

Did you miss last year’s MnSearch Summit? If so, you missed a fantastic event. And even if you were there and able to bask in all of its glory, chances are that you may have forgotten a thing or two over the past 9 months.

To help we (finally) got everything put together so that you can effectively digest or revisit everything that was shared at our inaugural summit.

Check out the videos below to learn from the best in the business and don’t forget to register for the 2015 MnSearch Summit coming up on June 26th!

2014 MnSearch Summit Videos

Keynote Speaker: Lee Odden
Presentation: Where Does Search Fit in the Digital Marketing Mix?


Keynote Speaker: Rand Fishkin
Presentation: Why Content Marketing Fails


Speaker: Arnie Kuenn
Presentation: Link Building Strategies That Move the Needle


Speaker: Adria Saracino
Presentation: How to Match Your Marketing Efforts with Customer Emotions


Speaker: Connie Benson
Presentation: Creating a Culture for Social Media


Speaker: Darren Shaw
Presentation: How to Get Results in Local Search


Speaker: Oli Gardner
Presentation: Advanced Landing Page Optimization


Speaker: Marty Weintraub
Presentation: Paid / Organic Social Psychographic Content Distribution! Conversion, Social Signals & Community Building


Speaker: Larry Kim
Presentation: The Weirdest Re-Introduction to AdWords Ever


Speaker: Justin Cutroni
Presentation: Moving to User Centric Measurement


Speaker: Jason Miller
Presentation: Welcome to the Funnel


Speaker: Eric Enge
Presentation: Google’s Hummingbird: Where it’s Been and Where it’s Going

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