Conductor C3 Q&A with Seth Dotterer + Discount

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1.) Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m Seth Dotterer and I’m the VP of Marketing at Conductor. I am responsible for demand generation and strategic product marketing, branding and communications and overall marketing strategy of Conductor’s SaaS Web Presence Management platform, Searchlight, as well as putting together our annual digital marketing conference – C3.
2.) Give us a brief history of Conductor.
When Seth Besmertnik and Jeremy Duboys founded the company, we recognized that there was a need to provide businesses with the kind of insights that enabled them to easily understand how they appeared on Google and what they needed to do to optimize their performance. That’s really how Conductor was born. We’ve since expanded our vision to go beyond Google and empower our customers to truly own unpaid channels across the web.


3.) What is the history of C3?Conductor C3 2014

Conductor has always been big on thought leadership and connecting our customers with each other for collaborative growth. One year, while we were attending an industry event, we thought we might get together with a few of our customers, and find out what was on their mind. We had about 12 customers get together in a room; we made some introductions, and then, basically got out of the way. What followed was pretty amazing – customers talking to each other about what REALLY worked, not the latest fad, and how they all dealt with common challenges around organization, people, budget and metrics. It was an awesome experience – and we looked at each other and said ‘we have to do this again’.’ Thus the origins of C3 were born. So here we are in 2014 with 1000+ attendees, 14 partners and some of the biggest marketers like Seth Godin, Phil Fernandez, Rand Fishkin, Wil Reynolds and Robert Rose speaking at C3.


4.) Who usually attends C3?

We’ve seen attendees all across the Marketing function from primarily enterprise companies and agencies. VPs, Directors, Search Marketers, Content Marketers, Online marketers and digital marketers all come to C3. In fact, several companies send their entire content teams to C3. It’s really meant for anyone who’s interested in advancing their knowledge of the search and content industries.


5.) What is different about C3 compared to some of the other search conferences?

C3 is much more about hearing directly from your peers, versus hearing from industry talking heads. Well that, and we tend to have a lot more fun. J  The overlap with SEO, social and content marketing has created some new positions and skill sets required to be a modern marketer, and C3 reflects that as well. It’s all about a community, where you can learn from the best, celebrate with the best and become the best.


6.) Can you give us an overview of the tracks and some of the topics that will be covered at this year’s C3?

The agenda is available on our C3 site. The tracks will cover most topics that modern marketers are currently addressing including how can my team better manage our web presence, what must my marketing team look like in 2015, how do I build an effective content mapping strategy, what should my video content approach be, what is community management etc.? These are all sessions that are guaranteed to make you leave a smarter marketer.


7. ) What is your favorite part of search marketing/digital marketing?

Search marketing and digital marketing are extremely exciting because if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’ve already missed the boat. SEO isn’t the same ‘technical only’ function it was just a few years ago. With the most recent engine changes, what we’ve known as digital marketers for the last 3-4 years has changed drastically. The conference really drives home the point that in order for us to create excellent digital experiences for our consumers, we need understand their personas, their buyers journey, the content that they’re engaged with and, in essence, manage our web presence.


8.) Give us a good restaurant or after conference place someone visiting NYC should check out while they are at C3.

For those In-N-Out fans from the West Coast, I’d recommend hitting up Shake Shack while you’re here. Outside of that, I’d recommend checking out Pio Pio on 43rd and 10th. The place is surprisingly big, the food is amazing and it’s pretty light on the wallet as well.

Look forward to seeing you next month in NY!


Register Now Use discount code SIXTYOFFMNS  and save 60%! 

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