Susan Staupe – Sponsorship Director

Susan Staupe

Susan Staupe has been involved with search marketing for over 16 years. She is currently the owner and Director of SEO at Beyond SEO, LLC. With over 15 years of agency experience, her niche is legal online marketing for attorneys and SMBs.  Susan is super passionate about showing her customer’s value and has had the same base of clients for over 10 years. She helps clients in all aspects of digital marketing including SEO, Local SEO, PPC, search marketing, social media and more. She is also on the Advisory Board for Dakota County Technical College’s marketing program and previously served on the advisory board for Local CAB for

When not analyzing everything digital marketing related, Susan enjoys watching football and hockey, reading true crime books, is a lucky wife and proud Mom of a son and daughter.

Sponsorship Director for Minnesota Search Engine Marketing
[email protected]

Connect with Susan:

MNSearch:  [email protected]
Twitter: @susanstaupe 

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