Lea Scudamore – Events Co-Director

Lea Scudamore

Lea Scudamore is a skilled digital marketer focused largely on search engine optimization (SEO), user experience (UX), digital accessibility, and organic content strategies. Her career path includes nearly two decades of hands-on and management experience. She loves forming deep strategies for clients, she’s a pro at recommending technical website optimization, reporting, and troubleshooting. Additionally, Lea is leading the charge in web accessibility, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), and ADA website compliance. Lea has been described as fanatically detail-oriented, fully immersed in whatever she takes on, driven to achieve, motivated to do the right thing for others, and highly creative.
When she’s not working Lea enjoys cooking and kayaking with her husband, horseback riding and drinking wine with her friends, playing with her gorgeous daughters (the best in the world), being in her garden with her dog, Rain. Lea is also strongly invested in her community, as an energetic and resourceful board member of MNSearch, the Duluth Figure Skating Club, and the Northland Figure Skating Competition.
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