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Tony Tellijohn

Managing Partner, Aktion Interactive

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I first started dabbling in internet marketing way back in 1998, when some college friends and I started building a website fueled on a hint of an idea and some cocktails. After a 30,000+ visit day not too far after launching, I was hooked (that website, BTW, is still alive, and gets a few thousand visits each month).

In 2001 I joined the real world with an internet marketing job at Capella University, which included managing lead generation programs in search, display and email. From there, I jumped to Bellacor, managing paid search and affiliate marketing programs, and then on to a short stint at FindLaw, my first foray into the consulting side of internet marketing.

From FindLaw I moved on to working for several agencies, ranging from development shops that did internet marketing, to pure search marketing agencies, before starting my own agency, Aktion Interactive. I have always gravitated towards internet marketing–and search in particular–as it provides instant feedback into results, and the ability for someone with limited artistic/writing abilities an outlet to be creative in solving marketing problems for companies of any size.

I look forward to MnSearch continuing to show the rest of the search world the level of talent that exists here in Minnesota, and helping to develop even more talent in the local workforce via partnerships with educational institutions and other digital marketing groups.

Tony @MnSearch

Co-Founder – Sept. 2011

Technology Director – Sept. 2011 to Sept. 2013

Treasurer – Sept. 2013 to Sept. 2015

President – Sept. 2015 to present


Connect with Tony

Managing Partner at Aktion Interactive

Twitter: @toonces51 or @tellijohn (one day I’ll straighten that mess out)

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tonytellijohn