April 2020 Virtual Event Recap

April Event Recap: Schema Markup

Martha van Berkel, Co-Founder and CEO of Hunch Manifest (the creator of Schema App), discussed schema markup strategy and implementation at MnSearch’s April event

April MnSearch Event on April 29th

We held our first virtual event on Zoom on Wednesday, April 29 when more than 60 attendees joined in to talk about schema markup. This was a timely topic given the White House’s guidance on using schema markup for COVID-19 updates. The presentation centered around strategy, authoring and tools to make it all a manageable process.

Key takeaways of Martha’s presentation on schema markup included:

  1. Developing a schema markup strategy gives your search results a competitive advantage
  2. Schema markup is an iterative process: Strategy > Authoring > Deployment > Maintenance > Reporting & Analytics > Repeat
  3. Use templates to track your progress and organize your action steps
  4. Use your tools: developers.google.com, Schema.org
  5. Weigh value over ease of implementation to prioritize your next steps. Remember that it’s an ongoing process!

Watch our webinar on-demand.

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