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Dustin Thompson

Dustin Thompson has been working in technology for 10 years and has been dedicated to search marketing for the past 5. Dustin currently works as an independent consultant as the principal at Konnected Interactive. He currently works with variety of companies ranging from local businesses to companies with operations around the world. He helps his clients in developing their online marketing strategies using search engine optimization, paid search marketing, and social media.

Dustin started working with technology as a network administrator while in high school for a family business. Dustin got involved in marketing and the world of search as a co-founder of a company while still attending the University of St. Thomas. After recognizing the need for businesses of all sizes to more effectively market themselves through search Dustin began consulting on a full time basis and hasn’t looked back since.

Dustin enjoys the constantly evolving nature of search marketing and the need to always be testing new ideas. When he isn’t reading the non-stop flow of new blog posts and news on search he enjoys golfing during the short Minnesota summers and keeping up with the heartbreaking local sports teams.
Dustin @MnSearch

      Co-Founder – Sept. 2011


    Sponsorship Director – Sept. 2011, 2012, 2013+

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