5 Reasons Why Not to Miss the 2014 MnSearch Summit

With so many great digital marketing conferences across the country, it’s easy to understand why it can be difficult to decide which one you would like to attend and your boss will approve. That is why if you’re a digital marketer from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, the greater Midwest or beyond and you’re looking to learn from industry leaders, gain actionable insights and strengthen your professional network; attending the MnSearch Summit is definitely a conference worth checking out. Here is a list of reasons that should convince you exactly why attending this summer’s inaugural MnSearch Summit on June 27th is a smart idea.

Reason #1 – Top Notch Speakers

2014 MnSearch Summit Keynotes Rand Fishkin and Lee Odden

2014 MnSearch Summit Keynotes Rand Fishkin and Lee Odden

The number one reason for choosing a conference to attend should always be the quality of the speakers. Everyone knows it’s hard to keep up with all the information constantly being produced regarding the latest trends and best practices in the digital world. This is why the MnSearch Summit planning committee focused on bringing in great speakers from across the nation to the Twin Cities to help you stay informed.

This year keynotes speakers include Rand Fishkin from Moz and Lee Odden from Top Rank Online Marketing. And the session speakers are composed of many other industry leaders including Justin Cutroni from Google and Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting among many others that will be getting down to the nitty-gritty details within our two tracks during the summit. These industry experts live, breathe and sleep digital marketing and will be providing expertise on SEO, web analytics, PPC advertising, content marketing, conversion rate optimization and more!

Reason #2 – It’s Local

If you work within the Twin Cities metro area justifying the cost to attend a local conference is much easier when all you need is to drive a few miles to soak up the invigorating flow of information at the University of St. Thomas’ campus in Minneapolis. And even if you are located in other areas throughout the Midwest your most likely used to the idea of a road trip. And believe me traveling to Minnesota in June couldn’t be a better time to put the windows down as Minnesota Search Marketing Association welcome you with open arms and big smiles. Feel free to check out the location details to learn more.

Reason #3 – Digital Connections

There is no better place to meet other likeminded individuals in order develop or strengthen valuable relationships then at a local conference. Let’s face it, us Midwesterners need to stick together. And you just never know who you may strike up a conversation with to discuss work experience, new tactics or maybe even job opportunities. Who knows, depending on your situation this may be worth a ticket in itself. Just don’t tell your boss that is the reason you would like to attend.

Reason #4 – It’s Affordable

You may be finding that most conferences cost well over $1,000 to attend. And that is even not including travel expenses! And that is still a lot of money, especially if you are a student, non-profit, consultant or have a boss that keeps a tight lid on expenses. Because of this the board at MnSearch wanted to provide the local digital marketing community an opportunity to learn from the best and not break the bank.  The ROI for attending the MnSearch Summit at this point should be obvious. Now all you need to do is explain it to your boss.

Reason #5 – One Day

We all know how busy life and work can get. Furthermore, it is hard to rationalize time away from your job for two to three days to attend a conference, particularly when you have a lot going on, without really knowing what you will gain from it. For that reason the MnSearch Summit was designed to squeeze everything you could possibly learn into one day. The summit is jammed pack with great speakers, great content and great people. Deep down you know that one day away from the office won’t cause projects to come to a screeching halt. And who knows, you may just learn something critical to a current project that will solve all of your problems.

Are You Ready?

No matter where you are at in your career as a digital marketer. Whether you’re just starting to optimize your website, focusing on driving engagement in social media, or want to learn how to better track your business goals in analytics, there is something at the MnSearch Summit for you to learn. Are you convinced yet? Because you should be. And remember, space is limited so don’t wait and miss out on this opportunity. Register today and get ready for a great day of learning from the best in the industry in your own backyard.


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