Will Scott – Brands Win Online: PR + Social + Local Search = Boom!

Job title: CEO of Search Influence

Session description:

We know that brands win online, right? But what makes a brand? See how big a lift local brands can get when they work to be present offline through news and other media.

Session take away:

  • Make the most of your media placements for online promotion
  • Leverage digital advertising for even more exposure for stories
  • Use their clients’ online authority to negotiate with media and influencers for even more exposure.


Will Scott is a recognized leader in digital marketing, credited for coining the phrase “barnacle SEO” in 2008. A full-time faculty member of Local U, Will is a contributor to some of the most popular online journals and is frequently invited to present at conferences hosted by marketing associations as well as those in other industries. His speaking engagements have included the Certified Contractors Network, Louisiana Dental Association, National Association of Senior Move Managers, PubCon, SMX, and others.

With a degree in Architecture from Tulane University, Will is a professionally trained problem solver whose eye is always on the bigger picture. Naturally curious, Will has yet to meet a business or a person whom he’s not interested in learning more about.

Since putting his first website online in 1994, Will has led teams responsible for creating thousands of websites for business, building hundreds of thousands of pages in online directories, and delivering millions of visits from searches. At Search Influence, Will directs the teams of dedicated professionals who optimize your potential!

Social profile:

Company Site: searchinfluence.com

Twitter: @w2scott