Stephen Panico – Upgrading Your Outreach Research Process

Job title: Chief Growth Officer 

Session description:

While the average outreach campaigns only get 12% replies, top performers consistently get reply rates of 40% or higher. Where’s the difference? Usually, it derives from a research process that allows for highly relevant outreach that directly communicates the value to your target. In this talk, we’ll uncover research tactics from these top performing teams and how they are used to target, collaborate, and ultimately generate mutual value with influencers in your space.

Key takeaways:

  • The success rates of top performers relative to their competition
  • Research tactics used by outperforming teams
  • Specific strategy examples from successful campaigns
  • How better research can lead to more diverse outreach opportunities


Stephen Panico is the chief growth officer at BuzzStream, managing sales, marketing and service teams. He is also the primary contributor to the BuzzStream blog where he leverages research on product usage and industry trends to provide actionable content. Recently he’s been interested in comparing the effectiveness of outreach strategies and the impact of personalization on successful campaigns.