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Hacking RankBrain: The 4 Robot-Destroying Weapons You’ll Need to Survive SEO Judgement Day

Session Time: 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM

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RankBrain quietly debuted last year as Google’s 3rd most weighted ranking signal and is currently leveraged for obscure long tail queries. However as RankBrain is perfected and refined, it will likely be used on more queries and weighted more heavily, and even displace links and on-page SEO factors as Google’s #1 SEO ranking factor some day in the distant future: SEO Judgement Day.

This session will reverse engineer how RankBrain actually works, exposing 4 critical vulnerabilities. And we’ll share unusual, completely white-hat ways to greatly benefit from our future robotic Rankbrain SEO overlords. The biggest SEO ranking factor shift of all time is now underway, moving away from links and keywords towards Rankbrain user engagement signals. Attend this session if you want your rankings to live. Join the resistance today!