Elizabeth Marsten – Enter the Remix: Paid Search Edition

Job title:  Senior Director, Marketplace Strategic Services, Tinuiti

Session description:

Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising – what do all these have in common? Besides the major re-branding and re-focusing of their main messages to several levels up from where we might think of them historically, they’re also ushering in some important signals for what paid search marketers need to prepare for and think bigger about. Sure, we’ll continue to have the day to day overall duties stay highly tactical with shared budgets, QS improvements, to bid manually or not debates and best practices in aggregate over the coming years, but we are going to see some fundamental landscape changes in the next 2 years in a faster and more impactful manner than we have in the last 10 years of search marketing.

Session takeaway:

Attendees will come away with updates on the latest in eCommerce, how that relates to the “paid search” we know today, what they can do to prepare themselves, their businesses and their brands for the coming changes, opportunities and decisions they’ll need to make in the near future.


Elizabeth started in paid search over 12 years ago as a “pay per clip” marketer and since has branched out into account and client management, marketplaces (selling and advertising) and catalog management for brands and retailers. She very recently joined Tinuiti as the Senior Director of Marketplace Strategic Services based out of Seattle, WA.

Social profiles:

Web: Tinuiti

LinkedIn: elizabethmarsten

Twitter: @ebkendo