Dana DiTomaso – Reporting: The Best & Worst Part of Your Job

Job Title: President & Partner

Session Description

Telling clients everything is going great? Best! Spending hours downloading CSV files and taking screenshots? Worst! Going over that report you spent hours on and realizing that no one understands it but you? The absolute worst!

In this talk, you’ll learn how to make better reports — including automation, design, and goal setting.


Dana is President & Partner at Kick Point, where she helps people and teams do better marketing. Alongside the team at Kick Point, Dana pushes people and teams to set goals and track data so that they understand what strategies and tactics bring value and what is just a waste of money. Dana speaks at conferences around the world about reporting and analytics, SEO, and brand building. In her spare time, Dana is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM. She also enjoys drinking fancy beer and yelling at football players.

Social profiles:

Twitter: @danaditomaso