AJ Wilcox – LinkedIn Ads – The Silver Bullet for B2B Leadgen

Job title: LinkedIn Ads Expert, Founder B2Linked.com

Session description:

LinkedIn Ads features, hands-down, the best B2B targeting on the planet. It’s also unapologetically expensive, meaning that any mistake becomes an expensive one. Join AJ Wilcox, LinkedIn Ads expert and founder of B2Linked.com, as he walks you through advanced strategies that you can use today to get the most out of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns. We’ll focus on achieving scale and performance while minimizing costs. Using these strategies, you’ll become the marketer whom the sales team worships!

Session take away:

  • Powerful, advanced targeting tactics to laser-target your highest-impact leads
  • High-octane bidding strategies, opening you up to the most traffic at the lowest possible cost
  • Advanced Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies you can use today to generate the greatest leads


AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded B2Linked.com, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014. As official LinkedIn partners, they manage among the world’s most sophisticated advertising accounts worldwide. He’s a ginger & triathlete. He & his wife live in Utah, with their 4 kids, and his company car is a wicked-fast gokart.

Social profile:

Twitter: @WilcoxAJ

LinkedIn: AJ Wilcox