Meet the Summit Speaker: Jeff Sauer of Jeffalytics


jeff sauer

Jeff Sauer

We had the opportunity to interview several of our highly anticipated speakers for the 2017 MnSearch Summit. Keep reading to learn more about Jeff’s career advice, his love for Google Analytics and his favorite gif!

If you haven’t already, register today to see Jeff speak on June 23rd at the Summit!


  1.      What are you most excited about for the 2017 MnSearch Summit?

I am most excited to see old friends and meet new people as well. MnSearch is the best.

  1.      What career advice could you offer for fellow digital marketers?

Learn everything you can, never stop learning, and always be focused on growing your skills.

  1.      What advancement in technology are you most excited about in the near future?

The good parts that come with becoming a cyborg.

  1. Besides digital marketing, what is one topic of discussion that you could talk about for hours on end?

Travel hacking.

  1. What is one mistake that you still see marketers making in 2017?

The same mistakes they always make. Marketers thinking that consumers will care about their “me first” messages.

  1. Which digital marketing tool, could you not live without?

Google Analytics

  1. At happy hour, what is your go-to drink?

Will you be able to source this for me at the MnSearch happy hour? If so, I’d take a nice Barolo or an Aperol Spritz since it’s summer.

  1. Bonus: What is your all-time favorite gif?

These are some hard-hitting questions. Gun to my head, I’d probably say the penguin tripping the other penguin.

penguin gif


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