2016 MnSearch Summit Speaker Series: An Interview with Lexi Mills of Manyminds digital

We had the opportunity to interview several of our highly anticipated speakers for this year’s MnSearch Summit. Keep reading to learn more about Lexi’s interests in technology, her career advice and her favorite gifs!

Lexi-headshot6001. What are you most excited about for the 2016 MnSearch Summit?
The opportunity to learn about others algorithm tests as some of the most interesting findings don’t get published online and only get shared at events like this.

2. What one piece of career advice would you offer for digital marketers?
Do everything you can to put yourself in the shoes of who you are trying to influence whether that be your boss, clients, journalist or Google. This is the most critical starting point for any endeavour you wish to be successful in.

3. What advancement in technology are you most excited about in the near future?
Virtual Retinal Display (VRD), and it uses a projector which sends its image directly onto the retina.

4. Besides digital marketing, what is one topic of discussion that you could talk about for hours on end?
Human nature, what is learned, what is a product of our evolutionary requirements and how we can self-optimize.

5. What is one mistake that you still see marketers making in 2016?
We often act on briefs or directives however as optimization in Google becomes harder I think it is important to stand back and questions these briefs. We are no longer SEO’s we are online business influence consultants as such we need to be asking ourselves is this the most valuable way I can apply the breadth of my skills?

6. What one digital marketing tool could you not live without?
The search community out of every industry I have worked with and in this one has one of the best knowledge sharing values.
7. Bonus: What is your all-time favorite gif?
I couldn’t pick just one….



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